Paper List: [TSG35]

Paper No. Paper Title Authors File
1641 EARLY HISTORY OF SCHOOL MATHEMATICS IN NORTH AMERICA 1607-1861 McKenzie (Ken) Clements, Illinois State University, United States,
Nerida Ellerton, Illinois State University, United States,

1607 The changing fortunes ? development of mathematics education in the Balkan societies in the 19th century Snezana Lawrence, Bath Spa University, United Kingdom, snezana@mathsisgoodforyou
1336 Learning of Mathematics in Nineteenth Century South India Senthil Babu, French Institute of Pondicherry, India,
1195 Scholarly treatises or school textbooks? Mathematical didactics in traditional China and Vietnam Alexei Volkov, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan,
1153 Some Aspects of Scientific Exchanges in Mathematics between USA and Brazil Lucieli Trivizoli, Universidade Eatadual de Maringa, Brazil,
1023 Missionaries and Mathematics Education Gregg DeYoung, The American University in Cairo, Egypt,
0954 Development, Problems and Thoughts of New China (PRC)’s Mathematics Education Qinqiong Zhang, Wenzhou University, China,
Kongxiu Kuang, Southwest University, China,
Yimin Xie, Jinan University, China,
Naiqing Song, Southwest University, China,

0911 History of arithmetic textbook and composition of content based on count principle method in Japan. MIYAMOTO Toshimitsu, FUKUYAMA CITY UNIVERSITY, Japan,
0893 The Implementation of the ‘New Math’ and its Consequences in Iceland. Comparison to its neighbouring countries Kristin Bjarnadottir, University of Iceland, Iceland,
0738 Russian Mathematics Teachers: Beginnings Alexander Karp, Teachers College, United States,
0703 Common fractions in L.F. Magnitskii’s Arithmetic (1703): Interplay of tradition and didactical innovations Viktor Freiman, Universite de Moncton, Canada,
Alexei Volkov, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan,

0687 Teaching Mathematics with Objects: The Case of Protractors Amy Ackerberg-Hastings, UMUC & NMAH, United States,
0317 Notebooks as a teaching methodology. A glance through the practice of professor Cuesta (1907-1989) of Maria Teresa Gonzalez, University of Salamanca, Spain,